Tugan elge tagzym

In June 2018, 8–9 grade students, in the amount of 12 people visited NIS Taldykorgan within

the framework of the local lore-research expedition “Tugan elge tagzym”. All the studied

knowledge in the lessons of geography and history about the Seven Rivers, the students were

able to see firsthand and study topics of interest. During the expedition, students showed self-

control skills, were able to see historical and geographical sights, the rich heritage of the country

and hear legends and historical facts from historians, they were able to understand their

significance, value for the future generation. During the expedition students had the opportunity

to show leadership skills and reveal their creative abilities. Students were convinced of the

potential, of the possibilities for developing tourism in Kazakhstan, when they visited beautiful,

scenic places such as the Charyn Canyon, Cherkassai Gorge, Kolsai Lakes. For children, the

most interesting was the Kainar battery plant, which provides the Kazakhstan market and exports

neighboring countries, even there is demand from China. Factory workers showed the battery

manufacturing process, ranging from raw materials to the finished product in the warehouse. It is

important to note that during the expedition in nature, the children were physically prepared and

always helped each other in different situations. Having visited museums, students had the

opportunity to see the scientific works, historical values of Chokan Valikhanov, thereby students

became proud of our great ancestors.