Profiles of current International Staff

Full Name:  Matthew Devanney

Nationality:  Canadian

Subjects and level in NIS:

International Deputy Principal

History teacher (DP)

History, MYP and DP 


School Administration, humanities 

IB roles:

IB DP History Paper 2 Examiner

Educational background: 

Dalhousie University – 1994-1995, Bachelor of Arts in Education

Western Ontario – 1992-1993, Master of Arts in History

Saint Mary’s – 1988-1992, Bachelor of Arts

IB Workshops:

2017- Theory of Knowledge, Category 2. Online

2015- History, Category 2. Online

2012 - IB, MYP training workshop in Personal Project, Dubai, UAE

2011 - IB training workshop in DP Coordination, Dubai, UAE


Full Name:   Hernan Logmao Lantita

Nationality:  Philippine

Subjects and level in NIS: Physics (MYP, DP)

Department: Experiment Sciences

IB roles:

IBDP Physics Examiner - HL Paper 2

IBDP Physics Moderator - Internal Assessment

Educational background: 

2004 - MAED-Physics (ED 247.51 Teaching Physics in the Secondary School), Ateneo De Manila University 

2000 - Bachelor of Secondary Education, Marinduque State College

IB Workshops:

2015 – Science Implementing the MYP Category 1, IB Online Professional Development
2013 - Online training as IB Examiner and Moderator
2012 - Physics Workshop for International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Teachers, Inthinking Physics Category 2, Berlin, Germany
2010 - Workshop on the Assessment in the IB Diploma – Presented by Faud Prins, IBDP Coordinator Naseem International School, Manama, Bahrain
2008 - International Baccalaureate Asia Pacific Regional Workshop Diploma Programme Physics Level 1, Renaissance College, Hong Kong, Peoples Republic of China

Full name: Lizbeth Abadía-Klinge

Nationality: Colombian

Subjects and level in NIS: Visual Arts

Department: Arts

IB roles:

Workshop Leader and School Visit Team Member

IB DP examiner Visual Arts (Process portfolio)

IB DP Examiner Extended essay

IB online facilitator

Educational background

The National University in Colombia, Master of Plastic Arts 

Specialization in Pottery and Ceramics, National University of Colombia

Specializations in Art History, Museum of Museums 

IB Workshops:

2018 - Upskilling for IBEN Workshop leader and Visit team member. 

IB AEM, Riga, Latvia.
2014- Taller de perfeccionamiento del PAI: Grupos de asignaturas . IB online Workshop
2014 - PAI: El siguiente capítulo para responsables de talleres.  IB Online Workshop
2011- MYP IB Academy. IB Américas. Bogotá, Colombia.
2011- Category 2, DP workshop, visual arts. IB Américas. Santiago de Chile, Chile
2009- Category 1, MYP workshop, arts.  IB Américas. Bogotá, Colombia.
2009- Category 1, DP workshop, visual arts.  IB Américas. Bogotá, Colombia. 

Full Name:  Laura Carolina Barrera Beltran

Nationality: Colombian

Subjects and level in NIS:Science MYP & Biology MYP,

Department: School administration, science

IB roles:

IB Workshop Leader

IB School Visit Team Member

Educational background:  

Industrial Microbiologist - Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

IB Workshops:

2018- Workshop Leader and School Visit Team Member, IB Educator Network

2014 – Understanding the MYP, Category 3

2013 - Global Contexts for teaching and learning

2012 - 2013-Pilot for Science in MYP.

2010 - Developing MYP units of work in Sciences

Full Name:  Liliana Ferro-Isaza

Nationality: Colombian

Subjects and level in NIS:  Theory of Knowledge (DP)

Department: Coordinators, humanities

IB roles:

IB DP Examiner - TOK essays and Paper 1 HL SCA

IB roles: IB DP Examiner - TOK essays and Paper 1 HL SCA

Educational background:  

2019   MA in International Education, University of Bath, UK.

1997    Philosophy (Bachelor of Arts), Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia; Suma cum laude, Double minor: Literature and Mathematics.

IB Workshops:

2017- Social and Cultural Anthropology, IBO online workshop

2014- IBEN training for MYP, Brussels        

2013- Theory of Knowledge, Online

2012- CAS, Online

2012- Middle Years Programme Personal Project, Dubai, UAE

2011- Diploma Programme Coordination, Dubai, UAE


Full Name:  Catherine Mclean

Nationality: Canada

Subjects and level in NIS:  Theory of Knowledge (DP)

Department: Language Acquisition

Educational background:  

 September, 1993-May, 1994: Dip. Ed., specializing in intermediate and secondary-level English and ESL: McGill University, Montreal, Canada

September, 1995-May, 1988: LL.B., (J.D.)  Law, University of Toronto, Canada

September, 1979-May, 1983: B.A. (Hons.) in English Language and Literature: Huron College, University of Western Ontario, Canada

IB Workshops:

Completed IB Language B Diploma Category 2 Workshop, October 2018: Brussels, Belgium

Completed IB Language A: Literature Diploma Category1 Workshop, August 2011; Branksome Hall, Toronto, Canada

Completed IB MYP English 1 Workshop, August, 2010; Branksome Hall, Toronto, Canada

Completed IB Diploma Program Business and Management Workshop, July, 2008; United World College, Montezuma, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Name: John Rider

Nationality:  British

Subjects and Level in NIS:  Drama and English, Middle School

Department: Arts

Educational background:  

CTEFL - Teacher Training International, London

BSc Physics - Gordon University Florida

BA - Theatre - Rose Bruford College, Surrey, UK (Ongoing course of study)

Consultant - Cambridge University Press for Drama

IB Workshops:

IBO, Online, 2019, 4 weeks, DP Film Studies (Cat 2)

IBO, 2008, Seoul, face-to-face workshop, 1 week, DP Theatre Studies (Cat 2)


Full Name:   Kevin McCoy  

Nationality:  American

Subjects and level in NIS: 

History (MYP and DP), Assistant College Counselor 

Department: Humanities 

IB roles: IB DP History Paper 1 Examiner, history Internal Assessment Examiner

Educational background:   

  • 2017 – The University of Memphis, M.A. History
  • 2011 – Lewis-Clark State College, Secondary Education: History; Social Studies; American Government / Political Science
  • 1997 – Clark University, B.A. Comparative Politics and History

IB Workshops: 

2015 – Individuals and Societies: Delivering the MYP curriculum

2014 – Diploma Programme Category 1 History (Route 2)


Full Name:   Kapil Kumar

Nationality:  Indian

Subjects and level in NIS: 

Mathematics teacher (MYP and DP)

Department: Mathematics

IB roles:

IB DP Examiner SL Mathematics (Internal Assessment )

Educational background:   

2011 – Master in Education, Vardhman College Itarsi / Barkatullah University Bhopal, India  

1998 – Master Degree in Mathematics, Christ Church College Kanpur

1995 – B.Sc. B.Ed., Regional College of Education Bhopal / Barkatullah University Bhopal, India

IB Workshops:

DP Mathematics AI , Category 3 (2019)

DP Mathematics HL Category 2 – (2018)

DP Mathematics SL Category 1 and 2 - (2014)


Full Name: Sandip Kulkarni 

Nationality:  Indian

Subjects and level in NIS: Teacher of Biology (DP)

Department: Experiment Sciences

IB roles: Biology HL Paper II (Team Leader), Biology Extended Essay (Examiner)

Educational background:    

2009 - Performance Certificate in Dramatics

2004 - Bachelor of Education            

2003 - Bachelor of Physical Education            2002 - Master of Computer Management

2000 - Bachelor of Science                         

IB Workshops: DP (Biology) Category1  2014   Manila Philippines                                  

Full Name: Abdul Hameed

Nationality: Pakistan

Subjects and level in NIS: 

Chemistry teacher (DP)

IB roles: IB DP Chemistry Examiner (HL Paper 2), Moderator of IA for Chemistry

Educational background

M.Sc. (Chemistry)

B.Sc. (Chemistry/Biology)

B.Ed. (Secondary  Science Education)           

IB Workshops: 

2015- Chemistry, Category 3

2014- Chemistry, Category 2

2013- Chemistry, Category 1

2009- Chemistry, Category 3                                                

Ashutosh Mishra

Teacher of Physical Education (MYP)

IB roles: IB Examiner for Sports exercise and health sciences (SL Paper 3), EE examiner for Sports exercise and health sciences

Educational background:  

2010 Completed International Yoga Teacher Training Course from ‘The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Trivandrum,      Kerala, India.

2007 M.phil in Physical Education from Annamalai University,  India

2003 Master of Physical Education – LAKSHMIBAI NATIONAL COLLEGE OF  PHYSICAL  EDUCATION (SPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA) Trivandrum (University of Kerala) KERALA, India

2001 Bachelor of Physical Education  - LAKSHMIBAI NATIONAL INSITIUTE OF  PHYSICAL  EDUCATION (MINISTRY OF YOUTH AFFAIRS& SPORTS)  Gwalior (Deemed University ) M.P,India

IB Workshops: 

2018 - Attended DP Sports, exercise and health science training workshop category-1

2017 - Attended MYP physical and health education training workshop on managing assessment in MYP category-3 Brussels, Belgium

2014 - Attended MYP physical and health education training workshop category-2 in Global Jaya International School, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2013 - Attended MYP PHE job a like session in Global Jaya International School, Jakarta, Indonesia          

Frances Bradley

Physics Teacher (MYP and DP)

Department: Experiment Sciences

Educational background

MBA Masters in Business Administration, University of Northumbria (3 years P/T) Awarded  2006 

DMS Diploma in Management Studies, University of Northumbria (2 years P/T)  Awarded 2003 

B.Ed (Hons) Physics and Education, Class 2: Div 1, University of Exeter (4 years F/T)    Awarded  1979

IB Workshops:

June 2019 – IB Online Training – Middle Years Programme:  Sciences : Delivering the MYP Curriculum ( Cat 2)

November 2013 - IB Training, Shanghai   Level 1 IB Training Certificate

October 2013 - IB DP Physics “Jobalike”   Hosted by Dulwich School, Beijing

Payal Mishra

Geography and Social Studies teacher DP and MYP

IB roles: IB DP Geography Paper 1 Examiner

Educational background:

2012- Ph.D Degree (Theses Title): “A Geographical study of landuse patterns and planning for forestry and horticulture in Dehradun district” from Garhwal University,

2008- Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) from Beehieve P.G. College, Dehradun Uttarakhand

2005- Master of Arts (M.A.) from DBS PG College in Geography Specialization Remote Sensing in 2005.

2003- Bachelor of Arts (B.A) from DBS PG College in 2003

IB Workshops: 

2018- Attended  workshop cat 1 for IBDP ESS

2018- Attended  workshop cat 1 for IBDP Geography

2017- Attended MYP launching workshop in Astana Kazakhstan

2014- Attended  workshop cat 2 for MYP Individual and societies in Jakarta, Indonesia

2013- Attended MYP Individual and societies job a like session in Global Jaya International School, Jakarta, Indonesia



Lukasz Kruczek

Economics teacher (DP)

IB roles: IB DP Economics Paper 1 Examiner

Educational background:

2006-2011 University of Rzeszow, Poland- TEFL, BA and Qualified Teacher Status

2005-2010 Technical University of Rzeszow, Poland - Management and Marketing, BA+MA 

IB Workshops:

TOK Cat.2 - 2019

DP Economics Cat.1 - 2017

MYP Societies and Individuals Cat1 - 2017