International Thinking and World Citizens

A global citizen is a person who knows that he/she is part of a bigger world and has responsibilities towards other people based on respect for human rights, fairness and diversity. A global citizen works towards a better world by participating in local and world affairs through the sharing of knowledge and making a positive difference. Global citizens have a responsibility to the world community and to improve themselves in order to make societies better.

Global citizenship requires a deep and broad awareness of our own roots and culture within an international perspective, based on the ability to create the balance between personal identity our own and other cultures; ability to keep our own national identity, culture and language; integrating and maintaining their integrity into the global community through a respectful attitude towards various cultures and languages of other people; the ability to find our own place in the diverse world following the principles of effective voluntary collaboration and communication in order to be an active citizen of the own country and the world, accepting personal responsibility for our decisions in the national and international community and realizing challenges of cooperation in an environment of international cultural diversity, assisting in the creation of a better world through communication, accountability and voluntary consent