Diploma Programme

Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Nur-Sultan in April, 2013 received Diploma Programme authorization. The school began teaching and learning within the framework of the programme in September 2013 and the process involves universal training course for high school students aged 16-18 for entering world’s leading universities. Diploma Programme is recognized by leading universities around the world.

The purpose of IB Diploma Programme:

-developing of critical thinking skills

-developing of skills in scientific – research work

-developing of intercultural understanding

- holistic development of students' personality

The Diploma Programme core

Educational programme consists of six-subject groups and three main components: “Extended Essay”, “Theory of Knowledge” and “Creativity, Action and Service”.

  • Writing the Extended Essay is compulsory for all Diploma Programme students. It is a research work written in not more than 4000 words on a chosen subject, and it requires high level of organizational and research skills.
  • Theory of knowledge is an interdisciplinary subject, which is developing critical thinking and analysis of various information skills.
  • Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) is aiming to develop creativity and social activities of students. Participation in a project helps students to develop such important qualities as attentiveness, solicitude and teamwork skills. CAS brings up such skills in students as ability to realize, assess and take an active part in life outside the school.

Students choose six subjects from six-subject groups. Three subjects are usually studied on high level and other three subjects- on standard level. Students also are able to choose four subjects on high level and two subject on standard level. To obtain the award students must pass exams in six subjects and perform three mandatory components - Extended Essay, Theory of knowledge and Creativity, Action, Service (CAS).

In Diploma Programme the school offers the following subjects:

Group 1. Kazakh A: literature SL, English A: language and literature SL and Russian A: language and literature SL & HL

Group 2. English B HL

Group 3. Modern history of Kazakhstan SL, Economics SL/HL, Geography SL & HL

History SL/HL, Information technology in a global society SL/HL, Social and cultural anthropology SL & HL

Group 4. Biology SL/HL, Chemistry SL/HL, Computer Science SL/HL, Physics SL/HL

Group 5. Mathematics: analysis and approaches SL & HL, Mathematics: applications and interpretation SL & HL

Group 6. Film SL & HL, Visual arts SL/HL

The core

Creativity, activity, service 

Extended Essay
Theory of Knowledge

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International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme

Nazarbayev Intellectual School in Nur-Sultan in November, 2015 received Middle Years Programme authorization. IB World Schools share a common philosophy, a commitment to continuous gaining of knowledge and high level of the international education. The school offers  the MYP for students aged 12-16 from the 7th to the 10th grades.

Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of its three academic programmes: the Primary Years programme (PYP), The Middle Years Programme (MYP), or the Diploma Programme (and in addition IB Career-related Certificate). 

The programme model of the MYP places the learner as its center. The basis of the learning in IB MYP is the following concepts:

•          holistic education;

•          intercultural collaboration;

•          communicational competence.

The programme provides self-preparation for the studying in Diploma Programme IB.

The school offers the following subjects in the MYP:

Language A: Kazakh, Russian and English languages

Language B: Kazakh, Russian and English languages


Humanities: Kazakh history and geography, World history, Social Studies, Economics

Science: Integrated science, Biology, Physics and Chemistry

Design: IT, Computer Science and Technology

Arts: Visual art and Drama

Physical Education and Health

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